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What do you mean you’ve never heard of Peter Balakian, the poet who just won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for poetry? Read a few of his poems here:

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Physicians (Agni)

Above school kids in Episcopal jackets
cherubs are singing
to the beautiful fake lapis
of St. John the Divine

and from this side chapel
I see through the blue
to the 6th floor of St. Luke’s
where my father’s heart caved in.

Domestic Lament (Poetry)

Like heavy muslin
there is air around my house.
A goblet half-full
of vinegar on my desk.

Tangerines are spoiled globes
in a bowl.

Home (Ploughshares)

When you’re in the mountains
you feel the desert air.
Waking to fog on a salt marsh
you taste the empty boulevards of July.


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