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Why the older generation is more conservative (The Washington Post)
by Javier Rodríguez and Christian Capotescu
Everyone knows older generations tend to be more conservative than younger ones. It’s not just because age brings caution. Rich people, who tend to be more conservative, simply live longer.

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What’s the real death toll in Puerto Rico? (NBC News)
by Nicole Acevedo and Natalie Valdés
How many people died due to Hurricane Maria? A new estimate is far higher than official government estimates, pointing to the inadequacy of both the response to the storm and the collection of data about deaths.

Rethinking the marshmallow test (The Atlantic)
by Jessica McCrory Calarco
For years the “marshmallow test” has been shorthand for the idea that the capacity for delayed gratification helps kids succeed. An effort to replicate the original study suggests a different factor is far more important: money.

What’s in a name? (The New York Times)
by Arthur C. Brooks
Our names affect the way people around us perceive us, how we see ourselves, and even how we behave. Onomasticians can explain a lot about why that is.

Why shivers run down your spine (Aeon)
Félix Schoeller
We know why people shiver when it’s cold, but why do we “get chills” when we have an arresting moment of shared experience with a friend, or a strong response to a piece of music?

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