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The Tricks of Navigating by Smell (Knowable Magazine)
by Dana Mackenzie
Light and sound move in relatively straightforward ways. But smell is different. How do animals, from dogs to fruit flies, figure out the complex paths an odor takes through the air in order to trace it to its source?

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You Should Probably Apologize (Vox)
by Allie Volpe
Many of us fear that apologizing will hurt our reputations. Research suggests we’re wrong—and offers some guidance on how to take responsibility for our actions in ways that make things better for everyone involved.

What Newborn Chicks Know (Smithsonian Magazine)
by Teresa Nowakowski
A newly hatched baby chicken with no experience of the world will still find it interesting to see a ball moving upward in defiance of gravity. What can animal experiments tell us about what we’re born knowing?

What Haiti Means to Americans (Black Perspectives)
by Lauren T. Rorie
US depictions of Haiti as inherently impoverished and mismanaged fall into a long tradition of denigrating the nation while ignoring powerful forces lined up against it. But Haiti has long served as a guiding star for Black intellectuals in the US.

How Robots Worship (The Conversation)
by Holly Walters
In some Hindu temples, specially designed robots are performing rituals normally done by humans. Automation of religious duties is nothing new, but what if these machines are better at it than people are?

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