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Is mind-reading tech coming? (The New Yorker)
by James Somers
Today, researchers can communicate with some people previously believed to be in a vegetative state, using brain imaging technology. The potential implications—for good and for ill—are almost unimaginable.

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New dinosaur just dropped (AP)
by Seth Borenstein
A dinosaur species newly discovered in Chile was the size of a dog—and had a remarkable blade-like tail that it may have used to slash its enemies.

The secret resistance of enslaved women (Black Perspectives)
by Crystal Webster
In the time of slavery, Black women’s reproductive capacity was an asset for slaveholders. Women fought back in ways that historians today can only catch glimpses of.

What’s up with COVID and mental illness? (Vox)
by Brian Resnick
People with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses are significantly more likely to get very sick from Covid-19 and some other viral illnesses. This connection highlights complex relationships between psychiatric conditions and inflammation that doctors are only beginning to understand.

Remembering ‘The Abortionist’ (Perspectives on History)
by Gillian Frank
A 1961 pulp novel about an underground abortion provider and his ultimate redemption as a family man marked a significant moment of change in Americans’ beliefs about reproductive rights.

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