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The forever megadrought (The Week)
by The Week
Much of the American West may be in the midst of a decades-long megadrought. This year is particularly bad, reflecting a new climate that could make long-term recovery impossible and transform the region’s relationship to water.

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Ignorance and equality, mongoose style (Science Magazine)
by Mennatalla Ibrahim
How do you make sure every child gets a fair start in life? If you’re a mongoose, you make sure parents don’t know which kid is theirs.

Creating new words for autism (Disability Visibility Project)
by Jane Shi
Hermits? Cute people? Loveable? What do Chinese words—or any words—related to autism say about what the condition is and who gets to name it?

The global scope of Black Power (Black Perspectives)
by Adam Ewing
The life of Bermuda-born activist Pauulu Kamarakafego shows the geographical and ideological diversity of the Black Power movement.

Tracking the historical journeys of pet birds (The New Yorker)
by Rebecca Mead
Cockatoos’ native habitat is restricted to a small part of the world that includes Australia and Indonesia. So how did they end up in Renaissance paintings?

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