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Why is This Tree Everywhere? (Slate)
by Alex Tey
The London planetree has become the quintessential urban tree of North America. It’s pretty and hardy, and it sequesters carbon like a champ. But some urban planners say we can do better. Birds and bugs may agree.

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Viruses that Need Viruses (Quanta Magazine)
by Carl Zimmer
Viruses are such simple lifeforms that they barely qualify as living at all. Yet scientists are finding that they interact with each other in remarkable ways that guide their evolution—and potentially create vulnerabilities that medical science could exploit.

What Time is it on the Moon? (NPR)
by Kai McNamee
On the Moon, time moves more quickly. The difference is infinitesimal, but when it comes to the calculations necessary to fly through space, it matters. Now government is doing something about it.

Beyond Dunning-Kruger (OpenMind Magazine)
by Corey S. Powell
The Dunning-Kruger effect has become a meme. One of its architects says there are ways to mitigate its effects, particularly if we make an effort to help each other out.

The Cultures of the Camino de Santiago (Sapiens)
by Augusta X. Thomson
Tourists have been walking the Camino de Santiago since the medieval era. For today’s visitors, the point is often to experience time in a different way. That can put them in conflict with locals who work in the hospitality business.

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