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Little Richard’s queer, black world (The Conversation)
by Ben Saunders
Little Richard’s innovative, infectious, sexy songs emerged from a world of black drag queens and outrageous, over-the-top performers.

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Who gets sacrificed to disease? (Items)
by Natasha N. Iskander
Qatar’s government has put strict restrictions on the area where migrant workers live to stop the spread of COVID-19. This is not a quarantine—it’s a cordon sanitaire, a technique used in many times and places to wall off marginalized communities.

Making chocolate shine (The New York Times)
by Devi Lockwood
Would you eat chocolate that shimmers with rainbows? This technique makes it possible, using the same physics of light that makes some butterflies so pretty.

What “no-fap” Christian groups teach men (Slate)
by Kelsy Burke
Mainstream culture suggests men watch porn because of the ways their sexuality is inherently radically different from women’s. Christian anti-porn culture agrees.

How to see a virus (Wired)
by Laura Mallonee
Where do we get those cool 3-D photos of viruses that are 0.000003 inches across? Electron microscopes let us see viruses—and figure out how to defeat them.

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