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Jefferson and Jesus (The New Yorker)
by Vinson Cunningham
Thomas Jefferson’s Jesus was a wise man, not God. To other American political leaders and thinkers, including Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King Jr., that seriously missed the point.

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Rethinking the protest photo (The Atlantic)
by Nicole Mo and Myles Poydras
Photography of the abolitionist and Civil Rights movements homed in on Black pain. When protesters poured into the streets in 2020, things were different.

For scientists, ice is nice (NPR)
by Nell Greenfieldboyce
You may be cursing the ice on your driveway, but scientists interested in atmospheric and climate change over millions of years will go to great lengths to get their hands on some really old ice.

What ever happened to flattening the curve? (Vox)
by Dylan Scott
“Flatten the curve” was the watchword of spring 2020, and in many respects it worked. But it had plenty of unintended—and unevenly distributed—negative consequences. As ICUs fill up again, can we do better?

Why would a terrorist warn victims in advance? (The Washington Post)
by Joseph M. Brown
Before blowing up a section of downtown Nashville, the bomber set up a warning to evacuate the area. That’s actually quite common in terrorist attacks, for recognizable strategic reasons.

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