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No, we’re not all working from home (FiveThirtyEight)
by Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux and Ryan Best
The pandemic is already throwing many people’s work lives into chaos. And there are some clear patterns in who is hurt the most.

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How to make people take COVID-19 seriously (Forge)
by Jordan Gross
Need to get someone to actually stay home? Psychologists find it helps to let them know exactly who they could be hurting. Like their grandma, for example.

Vampire bats make trusty friends (The New York Times)
by James Gorman
In tough times, it’s good to have a network of friends who can help each other out. Just take it from vampire bats, who build up trust by sharing bigger and bigger favors over time.

Kids in the time of coronavirus (Vox)
by Steve Calechman
Is it OK to go to the playground? Can I hire a babysitter? Public health experts explain what is and isn’t dangerous for families practicing social distancing.

What the census is for (The New Yorker)
by Jill Lepore
Governments have been counting people for centuries and, among other things, using the information they find to create categories of color and race. But in 2020 the power of the census pales in comparison to the counting and categorization done by private companies like Facebook.

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