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Defending Baby Dung Beetles (The Conversation)
by Kimberly S. Sheldon
Like much of life on Earth, dung beetles are facing threats due to climate change. Beetle moms are working hard to protect their kids from the consequences.

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The MCU’s New Mesoamerican Superhero (Smithsonian Magazine)
by Nili Blanck
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever brings the old comic superhero Namor to the big screen with a new identity. He now hails not from Atlantis but from a civilization built on Aztec and Maya history and culture.

Why Read Ovid Now? (Electric Literature)
By Stephanie McCarter
Ovid’s Metamorphoses is full of disturbing tales of sexual violence committed by gods. What does it mean to readers today?

A Different Kind of Archaeology (Sapiens)
by Eshe Lewis
Stone artifacts from Somaliland helped shape archaeologists’ understanding of ancient technological development. But to many people from that country, traditional excavations aren’t the best way to understand its cultural heritage.

The Long History of Indigenous America (The New Yorker)
by David Treuer
Indigenous empires, bands, and nations controlled North America far longer than European colonists. And conflicts among different factions of both groups helped shape the continent in ways historians are only beginning to explore.

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