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A holiday digestion guide (The Cut)
by Edith Zimmerman
So, you ate a giant holiday meal. Now what? For faster digestion, try drinking something bitter, going for a walk, or being male.

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Is a hair of the dog good medicine? (Slate)
by Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall
For millennia, people have attempted to cure hangovers with a stiff morning drink. It’s not exactly a go-to for doctors today, but there’s some evidence it kind of works.

Dark magic in the university (Public Books)
by Sophia Booth Magnone
How bad can working conditions get for academics from marginalized backgrounds? So bad it might take a detour into the supernatural to fully explore the topic.

The shrinking habitat of the human being (The New Yorker)
by Bill McKibben
From burning forests and flooded coasts to unbearably hot, expanding deserts, the earth is becoming increasingly inhospitable to humans. We’ve known this was coming for decades. What will it take to do something about it?

The twentieth-century communist sex manual (The Washington Post)
by Kristen R. Ghodsee
Depictions of sex were strictly censored in the Soviet-controlled Eastern bloc. One erotic book, however, was not just tolerated but actively promoted by communist governments.

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