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Black and white headshot of author Alexandra Frank

Alexandra Frank

Alexandra Frank is a junior studying Classical Language at Fordham College Rose Hill. She is currently enjoying her internship in JSTOR’s Marketing Department, where she researches articles and writes blog posts.


Selected items from Hermathena, a scholarly journal of classics from Trinity College, Dublin.

The Urban Lawyer

Highlights from the American Bar Association's publication, The Urban Lawyer
Journal of Biblical Literature on a tablet screen in the middle of a bookshelf of traditional reference books.

The Journal of Biblical Literature

The Journal of Biblical Literature, published by the Society of Biblical Literature, has provided critical analyses on testament since 1890.
Tablet screen showing Annals of Mathematics journal on a book shelf with reference books.

Annals of Mathematics

Recognized as one of the most highly esteemed mathematical journals in the world, Annals of Mathematics has been in circulation since 1884
Painting of French revolutionaries waving a French flag and fighting for independence in the late 1700's.

The Origins of Bastille Day

Bastille Day as we know it began as private educational events phased into lively street fetês, and eventually the parades and fireworks we know today.
Tablet screen showing The Lotus Magazine on a book shelf with reference books.

The Lotus Magazine

First published in 1910 by the Author’s Bureau, The Lotus Magazine covers art history, composition, and individual pieces ...