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Everyday Creativity (Aeon Magazine)
by James C. Kaufman
Creativity doesn’t always look like artistic genius. Sometimes it’s improvising goofy lyrics to a familiar song or finding a way to steady a wobbly chair. Recognizing the tiny, ordinary ways we exercise creativity can help us cultivate our talents—even if it’s just for our own amusement.

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Fake News is Nothing New (Undark)
by Joanna Thompson
Misinformation is rampant on social media. It was also rampant in medieval bestiaries and in just about every form of media before and since. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to worry about, but knowing so might help us think about the issue more clearly.

Our Bottled-Water Problem (The Conversation)
by Daniel Jaffee
Most tap water in the US is perfectly safe. But unsafe water is found disproportionately in Black, Latino, and low-income communities. When people lose trust in their water supply, they rely on bottled water, which is expensive for them and damaging for the world.

The Trouble with Dust (Eos)
by Kara West
Mountain snowpack is vital to the water needs of the drought-ridden West. But dust from the dry landscape causes it to melt faster, creating a vicious cycle. Forecasters are struggling to help their models keep up.

Finding Florida’s Flamingos (The New Yorker)
by Michael Adno
Thousands of Florida businesses have names that include the word “flamingo.” But the real birds are surprisingly hard to track down in the state. In fact, the relationship between flamingos and the local landscape has puzzled scientists for decades.

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