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Why was the Bezos rocket shaped… like that? (Slate)
by Matthew Dessem
Jeff Bezos’s entry into the billionaire space race had people talking about a lot of things, and one was the distinctly phallic shape of the vessel. A rocket scientist explains what was going on.

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The science of ice cream (Smithsonian Magazine)
by Cypress Hansen
From volcanic lava to antifreeze proteins found in cold-water fish, the physics and chemistry of the natural world can help bring us the creamiest, most delicious ice cream.

Australia’s clever trash parrots (The Atlantic)
by Sarah Zhang
These gorgeous white parrots just love eating trash. And all around Sydney, Australia, they’re teaching one another the tricky art of opening up the cans.

Policy lessons from TikTok (Vox)
by Dylan Matthews
The new US child tax credit is driving some families to dance with joy on TikTok. That holds lessons for policymakers about what kinds of government policies regular voters will fight to protect.

Nineteenth-century climate science (The Conversation)
by Sylvia G. Dee
Thanks to innovative basic science research, scientists were figuring out climate change more than a century ago, and warning the government about it more than fifty years ago.

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