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Platypus and Her Friends (Gizmodo)
by Isaac Schultz
From the platypus to the Tasmanian devil, Australian mammals are unique and beautifully evolved for their surroundings. So why do so many people think of them as “primitive”?

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A Time of Dry Rivers (Yale Environment 360)
by Paul Hockenos
Europe’s rivers transport goods, host ecosystems, and provide water for crops, wildlife, and people. What happens when they dry up?

Memories, Good and Bad (Quanta)
by Yasemin Saplakoglu
Some memories are pleasant to linger on while others make us shudder. New research finds that a single molecule teaches our brains the difference.

Immigrants and Indigeneity (Public Books)
by Maylei Blackwell
Immigrants often arrive in the US and Canada as refugees from violence and oppression. Historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz explores how they find their way in societies formed by settler colonialism.

When Women Have ADHD (Harper’s Bazaar)
by Carla Ciccone
For decades, ADHD has been diagnosed mainly in young boys. Now, a growing number of adult women are discovering for the first time that their very different symptoms are caused by the same condition.

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