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If you missed your chance for the Amtrak Residency Program, no worries! There’s still time to apply for an artist residency on a cargo ship.

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Container, an artist residency program, is the brainchild of Maayan Strauss, an architect who is currently studying for an MFA in photography at Yale University, and is funded by Worldwide Storefront, a New York-based nonprofit.

Container will “invite artists to travel on commercial container carriers to worldwide destinations along existing shipping routes. The selected shipping line will host artists, providing them with a unique studio space in available cabins, as well as the exciting opportunity to travel internationally.”

Twelve visual artists will be chosen through an online application process. Winners will receive a stipend for equipment and materials, and “will be expected to create work that reflects their travel experience in a way that corresponds with their artistic practice.”

For more information, check out the the Container residency website. Applications go live in November.

And while you’re waiting, enjoy Lyn Lifshin’s poem “Artist Colony Applications” from Ploughshares Vol. 13. (1987).


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