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How Wasps Weaponize Viruses (Knowable Magazine)
by Nala Rogers
Some wasp babies grow up inside caterpillars that their mothers render helpless. To pull this off, wasps have turned potentially dangerous viruses into biological weapons.

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A Prehistory of Athleisure (Nursing Clio)
by Einav Rabinovitch-Fox
For as long as American women have been exercising and playing sports, they’ve been balancing fashionability and practicality in their attire. But what that looks like sure has changed.

Talking Like a Hockey Player (Ars Technica)
by Jennifer Ouellette
People immersed in a subculture may take on specific speech patterns. And, according to one researcher, that helps explain why American-born hockey players often seem to talk like “fake Canadians.”

Dreams of Flight (Literary Hub)
by Joe Fassler
Self-powered flight is the stuff of myths and dreams. Through the centuries, people have tried again and again to achieve it in real life. Why does the urge to move like a bird seem to be so common in humans?

What Does It Mean that the Universe is Expanding? (Big Think)
by Ethan Siegel
We’ve all heard that the universe is expanding. Does that mean that our solar system, the Earth, and our own bodies are expanding too? A theoretical astrophysicist explains.

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