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Italian doctors face the trolley problem (The Atlantic)
by Yascha Mounk
For most of us, moral calculations about which life to save are blessedly abstract. For doctors facing the worst of the current pandemic, as for wartime medics, they are terribly real.

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Altruism in a disaster zone (The New York Times)
by Jon Mooallem
At the height of the Cold War, experts worried that a nuclear disaster would destroy social bonds and throw communities into chaos. A devastating earthquake in Alaska suggested a very different conclusion.

How words make feelings (Aeon)
by Kaidi Wu
We process experiences through the language that we have to describe them. That means that if we don’t have a word for something, we often have trouble noticing it.

Social distancing and its dangers (Quartz)
by Jenny Anderson
Staying home may be the best way for older people to stay safe for the length of the COVID-19 pandemic. But given everything we know about loneliness, that strategy comes with its own dangers.

Being Burmese, and Indian, in India (Atlas Obscura)
by Yamuna Matheswaran
Burma and India have a long history, complicated by colonialism and war. One market in Chennai showcases the links and divisions.

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