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A Personality Test for Tigers (The Guardian)
by Nicola Davis
Humans can assess our personalities with a test of the Big Five traits. Now, researchers have done something similar with tigers, rating their “majesty” and “steadiness.”

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The Fruit of the City (Atlas Obscura)
by Liz Susman Karp
Urban foragers know that food is all around us. With some technological help, anyone can find what’s in season locally—and maybe even get involved in expanding the bounty for everyone.

Robert Johnson, Found and Lost (Texas Monthly)
by Michael Hall
Folklorist Robert “Mack” McCormick recorded enormous volumes of music that might otherwise have been lost and turned up much of what we know about legendary blues musician Robert Johnson. He also mixed fabrications and confused ideas into much of the work he left behind when he died.

What Do All These Extra Deaths Mean? (Open Mind)
by Jill Neimark
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the US has seen a jump in “excess deaths” that aren’t fully explained. Getting to the bottom of them means delving into big issues from the harms of long Covid to the purposes of public health.

The Aristotelian Tradition of Scientific Sexism (Aeon)
By Emily Thomas
Until the seventeenth century, Aristotle’s ideas about reproduction heavily influenced European ideas about biology. That helps explain a whole lot of medical sexism.

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