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The myth about sperm and eggs (Aeon)
by Robert D. Martin
Human reproduction involves millions of sperm competing in a race to the egg, right? Not exactly. The difference between that story and reality reflects the way gender stereotypes affect even scientists’ descriptions of the topics they study.

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The Spice Girls’ political philosophy (Lit Hub)
by Emily Temple
Back in 1997, experimental feminist writer Kathy Acker interviewed the Spice Girls and found they were more interesting than her peers assumed.

How psychopaths live (The Cut)
by Katie Heaney
What does it really mean to be a psychopath? A psychological researcher and a woman diagnosed as a psychopath break down the reality behind the psycho-killer movie clichés.

Did an editor invent a biblical ban on gay sex? (The New York Times)
by Idan Dershowitz
The book of Leviticus famously outlaws sex between two men. But a biblical scholar finds textual evidence that a previous version implicitly permitted it.

The new rise of anti-Semitism (The Guardian)
by Harriet Sherwood
As Pittsburgh recovered from a deadly attack on a synagogue, a number of studies found that anti-Semitism is on the rise in the U.S. and beyond.