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Why wolves are not dogs (New York Times)
by James Gorman
Wolf pups bond adorably with humans. They’re so close to dogs genetically that some consider them the same species. But there’s something very different about their puppyhoods that means you should never try to keep them as a pet.

Looking for Viking Muslims (Atlas Obscura)
by Sarah Laskow
A new analysis of Viking burial garments reveals something unexpected: a message in an ancient Arabic script referring to Allah.

A plague of humans (The New Yorker)
by Elizabeth Kolbert
What is the greatest disaster we can imagine for the Earth? Climate change? Nuclear war? For the plants and animals we share a planet with, the answer might be “humans.”

Democracy and the Pope (The Washington Post)
by Erin Bartram and William S. Cossen
A group of dissidents within the Catholic Church, including some American lay Catholics, have charged Pope Francis with propagating heresies. The debate—over individualism, historical change, and eternal law—inverts previous historical conflicts.

Rage and Stoicism (Aeon)
by Massimo Pigliucci
Is Twitter sending you into a rage? A Stoic philosopher might have some useful advice for you.

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