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High-speed evolution (
Evolution moves slowly, producing new species over many lifetimes, right? New findings from the Galapagos Islands suggest that sometimes it happens much quicker than that.

A joyous festival in a divided land (Atlas Obscura)
by Sabrina Toppa
A celebration of Sikhism’s founder in Pakistan brings down boundaries between countries, and between religions.

We’ll always have anti-isolationist propaganda (The Conversation)
by Stephen McVeigh
At 75 years old, Casablanca is full of classic lines, classic themes, and classic propaganda. The film was one of the first, and best, official U.S. government attempts to sway public opinion.

A history of dog poop (The Atlantic)
by T. Hugh Crawford
For centuries, dung heaps were a source of valuable fertilizer and a boon to scientific research. Then came germ theory, chemical fertilizers, and the plastic bags that we now use to dispose of once-valuable dog poop.

When did we stop killing our babies? (Aeon)
by Sandra Newman
Infanticide might be the most horrible crime we can imagine. Throughout human history it’s also been utterly commonplace.

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