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The giant penguins’ story (The Guardian)
by Ian Sample
Researchers have found the remains of man-sized penguins that swam the oceans more than 55 million years ago, until the rise of whales chased them away.

A mathematical solution for traffic (Wired)
by Matt Simon
When you’re driving in traffic, how much do you think about the car behind you? Self-driving cars do it a lot, and it could make a huge difference in curbing traffic jams.

Competence and ideology at the FBI (The Washington Post)
by David Lewis
Is the FBI’s reputation in tatters? Is it a hotbed of liberal activism? Researchers have some data on the subject.

Aging in a familiar place (Pacific Standard)
by Tyler J. Kelley
Senior centers and nursing homes are not places we usually associate with any culture except “generic institutional.” But saturating these places with the sights and flavors of specific places can make a big difference for aging immigrants.

Some tips for actually listening to other people (The Cut/New York Magazine)
by Kristin Wong
Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not really hearing what someone else is saying? Psychologists have some pointers for being a better listener.

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