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Lovecraft in the time of MAGA (Public Books)
by Gordon Douglas
A new series of comic books explores the racism-driven horror of H.P. Lovecraft. What can it tell us at a time when blatant loathing of the other is an ascendant political force?

Finding shelter from the storms to come (The Conversation)
by Dean Yang and Parag Mahajan
More hurricanes mean more people in need of a new place to live. But refugees only flock to the U.S. under particular circumstances, which raises questions about our immigration laws.

Can a computer really tell if you’re gay? (Slate)
by Sonia Katyal
A recent study claims that AI can distinguish quite successfully between pictures of gay and straight people. Here’s why we should look carefully at this kind of research.

Beyond brain-vs-gut (New York Magazine)
by Katie Heaney
When you’ve got a big decision to make, do you trust your gut or your brain? Social scientists say that question misses a lot about how human cognition works.

Lessons from Saturn (Vox)
by Brian Resnick
After 13 years, the Cassini has finished its epic exploration of Saturn in dramatic fashion. Here’s what the spacecraft has taught us about the planet, its rings and moons, and the universe.

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