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An epidemic of evictions (The New York Times)
by Emily Badger and Quoctrung Bui
Two years ago, Evicted, by Princeton sociologist Matthew Desmond, brought the crisis faced by low-income renters to national attention. Now, Desmond and colleagues have new evidence about just how widespread the problem is.

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Inventing Phoenicia (Aeon)
by Josephine Quinn
As the modern nation-state emerged, historians sought stories that explained the origin of nations in culturally and ethnically unified groups. In the process, they enlisted the memory of Phoenicians—a people who never existed as a unified culture, let alone a nation.

Seeing civilization through glass (The Atlantic)
by Douglas Main
Humans have made glass for 4,000 years. It’s a key ingredient in modern life, from lightbulbs and windows to fiber-optic cables. But there’s a lot about glass that scientists still don’t fully understand.

Mobilization and militancy in Gaza (The Washington Post)
by Imad Alsoos
Shootings by Israeli forces and the U.S. Embassy’s move to Jerusalem are provoking increased mobilization in Gaza. But Hamas’s ability to translate popular outrage into political victories will depend on its strategic decisions.

What’s keeping wages down? (Vox)
by Suresh Naidu, Eric Posner, and Glen Weyl
Many of our economic policies assume the Economics 101 idea that competition in the labor market will let workers benefit from rising productivity. Increasingly, economists are discovering how far from reality that model is.

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