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What does genetically editing embryos mean? (The Conversation)
by Jessica Berg
Researchers have edited the genes of a human embryo. What does this mean for potential solutions to serious diseases, or for the possible development of designer babies?

Better meditation, through science (Tricycle)
by Biju Sukumaran
The force of willpower is rarely enough to maintain a consistent habit like daily meditation. One meditator studies the psychological research and puts together another plan.

Art before the famous artist (Public Books)
by Cammy Brothers
Before the printing press, artists often spent their energy reproducing others’ work. But that actually gave them a certain freedom in their illustrations.

Why AI isn’t getting that smart (New York Times)
by Gary Marcus
Artificial intelligence can’t fulfill our science fiction dreams unless it overcomes some serious hurdles. But the work being done at academic labs and corporate campuses won’t get us there.

Stuck on that project? Have a beer (Pacific Standard)
by Tom Jacobs
Think drinking makes you more a more creative thinker? You may be right, as long as you’re imbibing lightly.

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