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The real role of uncertainty in climate studies (Pacific Standard)
By Andrew Revkin
The recent debut column by New York Times Op-Ed writer Bret Stephens stirred up debate over the uncertainty of climate change. How do climate scientists look at the (very real) uncertainty about how our planet is changing?

Yes, insurance saves lives (The Washington Post)
by Kristine Phillips
What happens when people don’t get insurance coverage? Contrary to some lawmakers’ statements, studies suggest it’s pretty simple. They’re more likely to die.

Wolves of Denmark (The Guardian)
by Patrick Barkham
For centuries, Europeans feared and destroyed wolves, eventually eliminating the creatures in entire countries. But now they’re coming back. The latest news is a pack roaming in Denmark.

Andrew Jackson and the Civil War (Slate)
by Jamelle Bouie
President Trump’s suggestion that Andrew Jackson could have prevented the Civil War was widely ridiculed. But what can Jackson’s positions, and the politics and economics of the early nineteenth century, teach us about how the war happened?

Art and suicide (Scientific American)
by Patrick Devitt
13 Reasons Why is part of a long line of artistic explorations of suicide. Studies over the years have found these works sometimes affect patterns of suicide in the real world.

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