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Beyond the Bitcoin bubble (The Atlantic)
by Derek Thompson
What is the meaning of the recent jump in Bitcoin’s value? The history of the dot-com era, and a study showing why people buy gold, offer some answers.

The secret message of classic romance novels (Public Books)
by Lucinda Elliot
Georgette Heyer, inventor of the historical romance genre, brought Regency England to life for readers thanks to painstaking research. But her influential version of the period was infused with her own anti-democratic sentiments and hostility toward the working class.

Why are the Santa Ana winds so weird? (Quartz)
by Rosie Spinks
The Santa Ana winds, which spread wildfire across Southern California, are a strange phenomenon well explored in popular culture. Is there a biological reason that they affect people the way they do?

The radical history of “Asian-American” (Splinter News)
by Clio Chang
Today, “Asian-American” describes a demographic category. Almost fifty years ago, it was a political identity that took radical form in a newspaper created by UCLA students.

Depression across borders (Psychology Today)
by Marianna Pogosyan
Depression in China looks a lot different from depression in the USA, or Russia. Ideas about social relationships, medicine, and suffering create culturally distinct problems and solutions.

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