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The power of community for healthy pregnancies (Vox)
by Sarah Kliff
What does it take to fight the high rates of infant mortality and pregnancy complications in the U.S.? One promising idea: group appointments that give pregnant women the time and space to talk to each other.

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How slavers ruled the Caribbean (Aeon)
by Christer Petley
White slaveholders in the Caribbean were vastly outnumbered by the people they enslaved. Keeping control took a blend of brutality, social engineering, and harnessing of religion.

The bacteria that rule your metabolism (Harvard Magazine)
by John A. Griffin
Your health is affected by how much your body uses fat versus carbohydrates to meet its energy needs. It turns out your gut’s decision depends on a single gene in the bacteria that live within it.

How miscarriages informed medicine (Nursing Clio)
by Shannon Withycombe
Nineteenth-century doctors learned a lot of what they knew about human anatomy and development from the “materials of miscarriage.” But what did the women who lost their pregnancies think?

Socialist feminism before the Civil War (The New York Review of Books)
by Judith Shulevitz
We remember Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony as feminist foremothers. But Ernestine Rose came before them, rising to fame by advocating a radical socialist view of both governments and housework.

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