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Tackling Migraines (Vox)
by Keren Landman
Migraine headaches are both debilitating and incredibly common, yet most people who get them don’t seek help. Sufferers might not know that treatments have made huge progress in recent years.

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Asian World Orders (Aeon)
by Ayşe Zarakol
Long before European powers attempted to shape the world in their own image, other armies, leaders, and ideologies did the same. We might start by talking about Genghis Khan.

Remembering a Socialite Civil Rights Hero (Black Perspectives)
by Mickell Carter
Mollie Moon played a significant role in shaping the Civil Rights Movement between the 1940s and ’60s, not by marching in the street but as a “socialite” whose organizational work helped bring in crucial funds.

Reshaping Indian Dance (The New Yorker)
by Jennifer Homans
The concept of Indian classical dance sprang from colonial and postcolonial cultural politics. Now, new generations of dancers are looking to earlier and more varied sources to reshape their art.

Sex Lives in Shakespeare’s Day (Nursing Clio)
by Eileen Sperry
It’s easy for us today to believe that people’s sex lives 400 years ago were simpler than ours are today. But examining what went on in the beds of the early modern period reveals enormous complexity.

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