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Searching for the Real Los Angeles (Public Books)
by David Helps
Los Angeles is a global city: a place of high-rent postmodern dreams, brutal class war, and uplifting visions of diversity. One useful focal point for making sense of these contradictions can be found at a sleek downtown hotel.

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The King of Beasts Has to Watch His Back (The Conversation)
by Alexander Richard Braczkowski, Duan Biggs, and Peter Lindsey
For male lions, every moment from the time they’re born holds potential danger. To survive, they build coalitions and employ brutal violence of their own.

Wittgenstein Is for Teachers (Aeon)
by Calum Jacobs
To Ludwig Wittgenstein, finding meaning in human activity was a social endeavor. This might be most obvious in the environment where the philosopher spent much of his time: the classroom.

Who Knows What Makes Us Happy? (NPR)
by Aaron Scott, Rachel Carlson, Brit Hanson, and Rebecca Ramirez
You may have heard about the studies that show how we can get happier: with exercise, gratitude, time outdoors, mindfulness, and so on. A look back at the data behind much of that research throws it all into doubt.

CPR Usually Goes Wrong (The New Yorker)
by Sunita Puri
CPR is easy to learn, requires no technology, and can revive the dead. It’s also a violent act that can cause pain and trauma, and it’s often used on patients it has almost no chance of really helping.

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