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What’s really happening with impeachment? (The Washington Post)
by Sarah Binder
Why is momentum finally building for considering the impeachment of President Trump? What part do moderate Democratic freshman House members and Republican Senators play? A political scientist investigates.

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The promise, and horror, of cheap DNA technology (NPR)
by Nell Greenfieldboyce
Scientists are making big advances in manufacturing genes from scratch, reducing the cost of synthesizing a pair of DNA letters to less than 10 cents. How scared should we be that someone will, e.g., use this advancing technology to make a biological weapon?

Why the white-wine-emoji debate matters (Slate)
by Stephen Harrison
A debate over the creation of a white wine emoji touches on bigger questions about emoji linguistics, including how the evolution of this form of communication is—and should be—decided.

What does the state owe dead soldiers’ families? (Nursing Clio)
by Eliza Richardson
A look at the history of the Canadian military’s efforts to return the possessions of those who died in war to their families reveals the way citizens and the state think about their mutual obligations.

What is a neuroqueer asthetic? (Public Books)
by Michael Bérubé
Neurotypical people often conceive of autism as a lack of some crucial abilities. What if we instead saw it as its own aesthetic and cultural vantage point?

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