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A Goat’s-Eye View of Goat Yoga (Slate)
by Emma Wallenbrock
Goat yoga and goat hiking promise humans the chance to exercise alongside some nimble, hooved friends. But what do the goats think of it all? A goat cognition expert explains.

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Selling America on Coal (Smithsonian Magazine)
by Clive Thompson
Solar panels are a hard sell for many neighborhoods today, but the same was true of coal more than a century ago. Getting people to bring the fuel into their homes took some clever marketing.

The Hajj and the Economy (The Conversation)
by Noorzehra Zaidi
Saudi Arabia is seeking to boost its tourist economy with changes to travel arrangements for the hajj. Debate over the role of commercialism in the pilgrimage is nothing new.

Searching for Dark Matter in South Dakota (Associated Press)
by Seth Borenstein
Scientists believe that dark matter makes up 95 percent of the universe, but they don’t know much about what dark matter actually is. Now, some are hoping it will reveal itself in a former gold mine deep below Lead, South Dakota.

The Radicalism of the Romantics (Aeon)
by Fiona Sampson
Romanticism shows up today largely in the form of pretty words and decorative images, often found on generic commercial products. But in its time the movement informedand was informed byrevolutionary changes in social relations, scientific knowledge, and political systems.

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