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Gay Vampires in New Orleans (Public Books)
by Tavia Nyong’o
The 2022 television adaptation of Interview with a Vampire transforms the setting and characters of Anne Rice’s story, using an abusive interracial relationship to probe historical wounds.

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The Real Life of Marie Curie (Atlas Obscura)
by Sarah Durn
We know Marie Curie as a tragic icon of science. She was also an absurdly determined nerd who used a chunk of uranium as a nightlight and got married in her lab dress.

What’s Behind the Fighting in Sudan? (The Conversation)
by Tsega Etefa
In Sudan, the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces were allied in support of, and then against, the former president. Now, they’re at odds, raising questions about the country’s future.

The Known Unknowns of Deep Sea Mining (Hakai Magazine)
by Elham Shabahat
A new era in mining is coming, with companies searching deep below the sea for precious resources. But studies so far have offered little clarity about the potential impacts on ocean life.

The Black Church and the Freedom Movement (Black Perspectives)
by Tryce D. Prince
Writer and theologian Howard Thurman was once considered a candidate to be America’s “Black Gandhi.” Instead, he quietly inspired a generation of activists to consider what Jesus and the Black church could mean for the struggle for freedom.

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