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What’s Really Up with the Earth’s Core? (
by Andrew Jones
Did you hear that the Earth’s core has stopped spinning? It sounds pretty dramatic, but what does it really mean? And should we be worried?

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The Thorny Question of Anti-Obesity Drugs (Wired)
by Grace Browne
There’s a new wave of drugs approved for treatment of “obesity,” a highly contested condition. Will they improve the lives of fat people or just make stigma worse? And what happens when people with average weights use them to get thinner?

An Executioner in Colonial Louisiana (Black Perspectives)
by Menika Dirkson
In the early eighteenth century, Louis Congo was kidnapped from Africa, enslaved in Louisiana, and then manumitted into a state of semi-freedom in exchange for taking on some of the most horrific duties of colonial governance: public torture and executions.

The Immense Mystery of Cosmology (Knowable Magazine)
by M. Mitchell Waldrop
A century ago, humans didn’t know that there were galaxies beyond our own. We’ve learned a whole lot since then, but there’s still so very much we don’t know, from the origin of the Big Bang to the possible existence of other universes.

The Catholic Church’s LGBTQ+ Problem (The Conversation)
by Steven P. Millies
Pope Francis says being gay shouldn’t be against the law. That doesn’t mean the Catholic Church is changing its positions on LGBTQ+ issues. But will it ever?

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