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Jodi Helmer

Jodi Helmer

Bio: Jodi Helmer is a North Carolina-based journalist and beekeeper whose work has appeared in Wired, Civil Eats, NPR, National Geographic Traveler and Acres USA. Her forthcoming book, Protecting Pollinators, will be published by Island Press in 2019.
Photograph: Chinese workers  on the Oregon and California Railroad, circa 1888.  

Source: Getty

The Chinese Exclusion Act: Annotated

The passing of the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 marked the first time the United States prohibited immigration based on ethnicity and national origin.
Anna May Wong

Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Our best stories about the vast histories and cultures of Americans with ancestry in Asia and the Pacific.
A woman's hands inspecting a cannabis plant

The Environmental Downside of Cannabis Cultivation

Wide-scale cannabis cultivation is causing environmental damage. Federal regulations could change this.
Bee on Lilly

The Race to Build a Better Bee

Could drone pollinators help secure our future food supply?