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Jeremy Guida

Jeremy Guida

Jeremy Guida graduated with his PhD in the study of religion. He spent two years doing archival research with underground papers and wrote his dissertation on the religious significance of the underground press. His research has focused especially on metaphysical groups and practices and their relationship to various types of media, especially print media and film.

Volume 4, Issue 1 of Berkeley Barb from January 6th, 1967

Remembering the Human Be-In

More than 20,000 participants in the counterculture gathered in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park to do little more than simply “be” together.
The cover of the September 15, 1970 issue of The East Village Other, featuring Timothy Leary

The East Village Other

The East Village Other, a countercultural newspaper founded in 1965, published interviews with Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg.