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The sky is getting crowded (The Atlantic)
by Marina Koren
Space X and other private companies are launching thousands of satellites into space with very little public discussion or regulatory review. That’s a big problem for astronomers.

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It’s getting too hot for bumblebees (The Verge)
by Justine Calma
As temperatures rise, bumblebee populations fall. A new study finds that many species of the bees are on a path to extinction.

Why Mitt Romney’s vote mattered (The Washington Post)
by Sarah Binder
Senator Mitt Romney’s vote in President Trump’s impeachment trial was never going to lead to a conviction. But, a political scientist explains, it was significant for other reasons.

How black women stopped a monument celebrating slavery (The New York Times)
by Alison M. Parker
In 1923, the United Daughters of the Confederacy proposed a statue celebrating enslaved black women caring for white children. Black women fought back, demanding acknowledgement of the horrors involved in women’s enslavement.

A different way to do criticism (The New Yorker)
by Katy Waldman
In a book of letters about the novels of Elena Ferrante, a group of academic and literary writers create an unusual kind of literary criticism, incorporating personal insights and an embrace of uncertainty.

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