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The precious blood of the horseshoe crab (The Atlantic)
by Sarah Zhang
The modern biomedical industry is deeply dependent on the blood of the ancient horseshoe crab. Can companies change their practices and save the creatures from our vampire technology?

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The queer women of seventeenth-century London (Longreads)
by Peter Ackroyd
In the seventeenth century some London women took on a range of queer identities, in their clothing, desires, work, and marriages.

Why kidnappings are surging in Mexico (Vox)
by Rory Smith
In Mexico, kidnappings used to be mostly a concern for the wealthy. Now they’re becoming a worry for everyone. The roots of the problem go back to Mexican and U.S. efforts to eradicate the drug trade.

How universities are shaping cities (Slate)
by Henry Grabar
Universities are increasingly important hubs of economic strength in American cities. That means they have a lot of power to encourage entrepreneurship and development in their neighborhoods, which raises ethical questions about how they should use it.

Climate change is stealing our history (Pacific Standard)
by Sophie Yeo
Hurricanes can turn boxes of files from the past two centuries into messy piles of pulp. As climate change drives more extreme weather, local records in particular are at huge risk.

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