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The Trouble with Too Many Clothes (The Atlantic)
by Amanda Mull
Cleaning out your closet? Throwing away perfectly serviceable old clothes may feel irresponsible, but the alternative could actually be worse. What’s a thoughtful consumer to do?

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What Should You Be Doing Right Now? (The Guardian)
by Mark Brown
Many of us battle procrastination every day. Popular advice about how to tackle it includes learning time management skills and exercising willpower. But those might not be the best approaches.

Wait, Is That a Slur? (Slate)
by Ben Zimmer
Beyoncé and Lizzo each removed an ableist slur from a new album after they received criticism from listeners in Australia and Britain. The incidents demonstrate that developments in language can be geographically specific.

Translating Emotions (The New Yorker)
by Nikhil Krishnan
When asked to list “emotion words,” many Americans might choose “joy” or “fear.” People from other cultures might be more likely to pick “laughing” or “helping.” Does the contrast reflect deep differences in our experiences or just how we talk about them?

Slavery and the Future of Reproductive Rights (Black Perspectives)
by Jennifer L. Morgan
To understand the relationships among governments, patriarchal tradition, and Black women’s bodily rights, look to legislative choices made in the 1660s, centuries before the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision.

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