Legionnaires’ Disease

Scholarly research on the origins of Legionnaires' Disease.

Drones Stress Out Bears, Too

The effects of drones and planes on animal stress.

Kepler Finds Truly Earth-like World

The Kepler telescope discovers a habitable planet.

A Brief History of Quarks

Understanding the history and future of quarks.

Armadillos are Cute, but They Spread Leprosy

A surprising examination of how armadillos spread leprosy.

Robots That Communicate with Each Other

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are working on creating robots that communicate with each other, allowing them to collaborate on tasks.

At Long Last, a Malaria Vaccine. Sort of.

Scientists create the first malaria vaccine, but there are still setbacks.

To Find Forgotten Land Mines, Researchers Look To Elephants

Elephants might be the key to disabling forgotten land mines.

The Magnificent, Maligned Mangrove

The mangrove is essential to ecosystems, but is in danger of becoming extinct.