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The exhaustion of living with racism (NBC)
by Janell Ross
For Black Americans, incidents of police violence aren’t isolated news stories. They’re part of an atmosphere of fear, grief, and threats of violence that pervades daily life and goes back generations.

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How police can escalate violence (The Marshall Project)
by Maggie Koerth and Jamiles Lartey
Scholars have been studying police responses to protests for fifty years. What they’ve found is that aggressive tactics anger protesters and escalate riots. So why are police still doing this?

The complicated question of challenge trials (The New York Times)
by Seema K. Shah, Holly Fernandez Lynch, and Franklin G. Miller
Challenge trials, in which healthy volunteers are given a trial vaccine and then intentionally infected with a disease, are generally considered unethical. Despite serious questions about the method, COVID-19 is changing that perception.

The global reach of the George Floyd protests (The Washington Post)
by Nana Osei-Opare
From Nairobi to Paris, people are in the streets protesting anti-Black racism and police violence. Violence against Black people in the U.S. has always been more than an American issue.

Friendship and mourning among brilliant women (Public Books)
by Jeffrey J. Williams
For young female scholars in the 1970s, the university was a place of feminist intellectual exploration and male domination. Critic and theorist Nancy K. Miller looks at the friendships that were forged in that world and mourns the friends she has lost.

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