Shelter along the Appalachian Trail

The Huts of the Appalachian Trail

Scattered along the Appalachian Trail, “primitive huts” built in various styles offer shelter, social space, and evidence of the trail's long history.
Striking women machinists from the Ford plant at Dagenham are interviewed upon their arrival at Rainham for a meeting with the National Union of Vehicle Builders, 18th June 1968.

Ford’s Striking Dagenham Women

The women sewing machinists of the Dagenham plant received a raise after they went on strike against Ford. But was this a victory?
An incarcerated student attending an Indigenous Studies course at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, where they also have JSTOR access.

The Impact JSTOR in Prison Has Made on Me

Tim Johnson, serving a life sentence in North Carolina, shares how access to JSTOR creates opportunities that cultivate change in prison and beyond.
Radiation Effects Research Foundation Hiroshima

Biobanking the Victims of Nuclear War

Nearly 2 million biological samples from people affected by radiation from World War II nuclear bombings are stored in facilities in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Group portrait of Christian heavy metal band Stryper, 1984

Sex (No!), Drugs (No!), and Rock and Roll (Yes!)

In the 1980s and 1990s, Christian heavy metal bands used head-banging music to share the politics and values of evangelical Christians with America’s youth.

Revolutionary Writing in Carlos Bulosan’s America

Bulosan’s fiction reflects an awareness of the inequality between the Philippines and the US and connects that relationship to his own class experience.
An image of Enceladus assembled using infrared, green, ultraviolet, and clear filtered images taken by Cassini on July 14, 2005

Saturn’s Ocean Moon Enceladus Is Able to Support Life

This research team is working out how to detect extraterrestrial cells in the liquid water ocean hidden beneath Enceladus’s icy crust.
A Palestinian man climbs a tree as he harvests olives, November 13, 2007 near the Palestinian village of Hawarra in the West Bank.

The Olive Trees of Palestine

Palestinians’ economic relationship and cultural identification with olive trees has become increasingly relevant for the West Bank.
Map of the Bahamas, 1680

Eleutheria: A Lost Utopia in the Caribbean

The Eleutherian Adventurers departed Bermuda for the Bahamas in 1647, hoping to create the first democracy in the Americas.
Fanny and Stella, 1869

Trans-lating the Story of Fanny and Stella

The Victorian-era trial of Fanny and Stella has been variously interpreted over the years. But what if it was a trans narrative all along?