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How long ago did Han Solo live? (Wired)
by Patrick Johnson
Just how long ago, in a galaxy how far away? Finding clues to when and where Star Wars could have taken place in the history of the universe since the Big Bang.

The case of the missing turkey tail (The Conversation)
by Michael Carolan
How will you be cooking the turkey tail this Thanksgiving? That’s a trick question that sheds a lot of light on changing U.S. foodways and the global industrial system that feeds us all.

Does sexual harassment training work? (Scientific American)
by Vicki J. Magley and Joanna L. Grossman
The avalanche of revelations about sexual crimes and misdeeds by famous men has reminded us just how common sexual harassment is. But what can employers do to stop it? The research is disappointingly lacking.

Why so many Muslim women are in STEM (Slate)
by Elizabeth Weingarten
To Americans, it might seem odd that countries where women don’t have full political equality produce large numbers of female engineers. The reason they do has implications for our own attitude toward career paths.

Who cares what a stranger thinks of you? (The Cut/New York Magazine)
by Cari Romm
Does it cast a pall over your whole morning when the barista doesn’t laugh at your joke? Why do we care so much whether strangers like us?

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