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Pain, pleasure, and gender (The Week)
by Lili Loofbourow
Popular narratives of dating and sex focus on men’s pleasure and underplay something that research suggests is incredibly common: women’s physical pain.

When babies just keep crying (New York Magazine)
by Elizabeth Preston
Few everyday parenting experiences are worse than a baby who won’t stop crying. Here’s what we know (and a lot we don’t) about colic.

Your birdfeeder can change the course of evolution (The Atlantic)
by Emily Voigt
A finch’s arrival at the 25th floor of a Manhattan high-rise illustrates the way that birdfeeders are changing the birds who visit them.

What stories are for (Pacific Standard)
by Kevin Charles Fleming
Humans like stories. Working with a Philippine hunter-gatherer society, anthropologists have found interesting evidence that we need them too.

Where do Hollywood liberals come from? (The New York Times)
by Neil Gross
The award show seasons highlights high-profile actors’ embrace of liberal causes. Just how did the “Hollywood liberal” become a thing?

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