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A guide to some lesser-known emotions (from Psychology Today)
by Ronald E Riggio
“Chrysalism is a sense of warmth, peace, and tranquility when you are warm and dry inside the house during an intense rainstorm.”

People still use the n-word quite a lot (from The Washington Post)
by Michael Tesler
“Google searches for the n-word are ‘fairly common,’ with most of those searches ‘consistently looking for entertainment featuring derogatory depictions of African-Americans.'”

Do emotions belong in science? (from HIPPO Reads)
by Faith Kearns
“When we recognize and allow for the diverse range of emotions that can arise in practicing science, a key question emerges: what, if anything, should we do about it?”

Slime molds are amazing (from The American Scholar)
by Gaia Vince
“An individual slime mold lives quietly, but once part of the blob, it is capable of incredible maneuvers and exploits.”

At many schools, girls’ sports still aren’t equal (from The Atlantic)
by Alia Wong
“Forty percent of heavily minority schools have large gender gaps in sports participation, versus just 16 percent of heavily white schools.”