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What Makes Rice So Nice? Be Specific (Atlas Obscura)
by Kenji Hall
White rice is the key staple of Japanese food, and its lovers have a complex vocabulary to describe its taste, texture, and aroma. Now, researchers are developing a lexicon to discuss the grain with the same precision enthusiasts use to talk about wine or coffee.

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The Vocabulary of Starvation (Slate)
by Yan Slobodkin
How do we know when a region is experiencing famine? The word “famine” itself is the subject of intense debate. So far, that conversation hasn’t answered the big questions about human suffering and how to stop it.

The ANC and America (Black Perspectives)
by Jessica Ann Levy
During the many decades of struggle against apartheid, the African National Congress was one of a number of forces in South Africa pushing back against white supremacy. It emerged as the nation’s governing party thanks partly to savvy alliances with American corporations and Black celebrities.

What’s Wonderful about the Seven Wonders? (Literary Hub)
by Bettany Hughes
Lists of Seven Wonders of the World began as a celebration of a world unified by Hellenistic culture under Alexander the Great. But they also reflected a mixing of ideas from across that grand territory and beyond.

Can We Help the Oceans Absorb More Carbon? (Yale Environment 360)
by Andrew S. Lewis
Attempts to capture carbon from the air get more press, but startups and scientists are trying different kinds of geoengineering projects focused on the ocean as well. They’re also struggling with questions about possible unintended consequences.

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