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Charles Bernstein
Charles Bernstein, poet, scholar, and co-founder of the Language Poetry movement, has announced the gift of his papers to the Beinecke Library at Yale University. Hailed as a vital force in contemporary American letters, Bernstein is the author of a dozen books of poetry, most recently Recalculating (2012), and four volumes of essays. In addition, he has collaborated on the libretto for several operas, including Shadowtime, written in collaboration with composer Brian Ferneyhough and based on the life of philosopher Walter Benjamin.

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Currently Bernstein teaches poetry and poetics at the University of Pennsylvania, where he co-founded and directs PennSound, a free audio archive of recorded poetry “The Charles Bernstein Papers” includes manuscripts, typescripts, notebooks, and both paper and electronic correspondence with many 20th and 21st century American poets, including Robert Creeley, Susan Howe, Rae Armantrout, Charles Alteri, Rachel Blau DuPlessi, Johanna Drucker, Annie Finch, Peter Gizzi, Barbara Guest, Nathaniel Mackey, Ann Lauterbach, Susan Stewart, Leslie Scalapino, Clayton Eschelman, Ulla Dydo, and others.

Read “Two Stones with One Bird”, a poem by Charles Bernstein, in the June 2008 Issue of Poetry.


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