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Life in a Neanderthal Family (NPR)
by Geoff Brumfiel
New work sequencing the genomes of a community of Neanderthals gives us a window into the lives of our distant cousins and begins to answer questions about their families and living arrangements.

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Truffles are Going Global (Knowable Magazine)
by Federico Kukso
Truffles evolved together with animals that love their distinctive aroma, and the partnership helped spread them around the parts of Europe where they originated. Now, their flavor is pushing humans to spread them around the world.

When Mosquitoes Think You Smell Great (Scientific American)
by Daniel Leonard
Yes, some people really are more attractive to mosquitoes than others. And it turns out the reason comes down to scent. New research could pave the way for innovative defenses against the tiny blood-suckers.

Star-Crossed Lovers in Colonial Venezuela (Black Perspectives)
by Menika Dirkson
In 1792 Venezuela, a freedman married an enslaved woman. His mother, horrified that her grandchildren would be born into the slave system in which she herself suffered, objected. The court battle that followed allows us to look back at the lives of people struggling with a colonial system of class and race.

Rewilding in Spain (The Guardian)
by Phoebe Weston
An exodus of people leaving Spain’s Iberian highlands for cities over the decades has created an opportunity for wildlife to flourish. With the help of conservation organizations, lynx, wild horses, and vultures are returning.

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