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The Delicious World of Judaism (Perspectives on History)
by Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall
One family’s latke recipe tells a story of American assimilation, changing gender roles, and the rise of labor-saving kitchen appliances. Together, dozens of such stories paint a picture of diverse Jewish life around the world.

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Brain-Boosting Tech is Here (The Conversation)
by Shrey Grover
A machine that improves our memories and ability to react quickly sounds like something from science fiction. But a growing body of studies suggest it’s entirely real.

How Do Rules Work? (Public Books)
by Elizabeth Ferry and John Plotz
How is a cookbook like the strictures of living in a monastery? How are playground games like moderating Facebook posts? Delving into how rules work reveals a lot about how we live.

Grieving Other-Than-Human Kin (Aeon)
by Sophie Chao
In West Papua, the customary territory of the Marind peoples is being decimated to make way for oil palm plantations. For the Marind, every loss, from snakes killed by vehicles to forests destroyed by clear-cutting, requires appropriate mourning rituals.

Flying Home from Lowcountry Georgia (Black Perspectives)
by Karen Cook Bell
The language, metaphors, and stories of enslaved Africans in Lowcountry Georgia contained plans for resistance and promises of freedom and homecoming.

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